Paul Voise, Minor Current Affair, Insecurity and Politics
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According to a TNS Media Intelligence (SOFRES) survey made on 65 media between January and May 2002, during the french presidential election campaign…


18,766 Television news and radio items were devoted to insecurity. That’s a weekly average of 987 items —987….


(Voice over — TF1 TV)

Last night, two youngsters attacked and savagely beat a 72 year old retired man in his home


Suffering concussion and badly bruised, this "granpa" was attacked last night and his home was burnt. — What happened? — The youngsters wanted money but I've got none.



Between February-Mars 2002 — Media coverage on security issues increases by 126%.



Paul Voise is miraculous,
lost his father at 5. With his own hands, he built his home for his disabled mother. "Your home, they burnt it down, did’nt they!" "Now, all that remains is a heap of ruines"


This is a Republique. Respect our freedom.



20 april 2002, The day before the French presidential elections Televisions feature one last minor current event.


The mugging of Paul Voise in Orleans, broadcasted 19 times on L.C.I. Centre (local TV)


— is then relayed by all national televisions. He’s not interested in segregation or generation gaps. He’s nice to everyone


France 2

….too nice, perhaps because some neighbours say he’s been exploited by certain residents.


TF1: France Channel 1 reports: Are there a lot of problems in the neighbourhood?


France 3

It’s fraudulent….it's not the first time, ….he was their punching ball, that's all.

00: 01:55

It's not the first time he's been annoyed for money.


TF 1


A lot of things happen….we hear gunshots, and such things….



(Voice over)

At midnight last night, the campaign for the first round of the presidential elections officially closed. There was discussion on the focus made on security issues.


Polling booths open in less than 25 hours.


Here is our estimation : the results of the first run for the presidential elections: Chirac 20%, Le Pen 17%….


A film directed by Simon Guilbert and Arthur Guilbert

(moire blue)

Lionel Jospin is eliminated from the second run, beaten by Jean-Marie Le Pen.


TF 1 ….from his campaign offices, Lionel Jospin states: I entirely assume my responsablity in this defeat and in consequence, I declare my withdrawal from politics after….


The unions call is simple. Unable to vote, high-school students should express their opinions and hold street demonstrations every day until the second run.


Paul Voise a minor current affair Insecurity & politics


Results….Jacques Chirac….82.5% of the vote


(moire blue)

"….we must protect our freedom…."


Three days before the preliminary presidential elections, announced for 20th April 2002, 72 year-old Paul Voise is assaulted. This sundry news item receives extra-ordinary media coverage. France is paralysed by a security based campaign.


Jean-Marie Le Pen (National Front extreme right wing candidate) ousts Lionel Jospin (socialist party candidate) from the elections. Result: Chirac is elected president with over 82% of the vote. This is a historic event.


Six months later Alexandre Héraud, reporter for Radio France-Culture, begins to inquire on the Paul Voise Story and it's consequences.


21st Octobre 2002: Fleury-les Aubrey near Orleans Héraud meets Jean-Manuel Bertrand, news reporter for France 3 Centre — regional TV —
He is also investigating the Paul Voise Story.


How did all this start?


It all began by a telephone call: Serge Grouard's deputy mayor and security advisor called the France-Press agency editorial offices.


(Jean-Manuel Bertrand, journalist News reporter, France 3 Centre region)

It's two days before the preliminary run for the presidential elections (we're still under Jospin) here in Orleans, Paul Voise was to be the last "official" victim used for the campaign’s insecurity theme.


The old man's tears and swollen face moved the entire French nation. I remain convinced that this minor event was politically manipulated. and that the press exploited the situation….and it's still raises questions today.


On site: inspecting the ruines of Paul Voise's home.


(Voice over)

Florent Montillot, security advisor to the Mayor of Orleans, Serge Grouard


(Patrice Dézallé, reporter for the regional newspaper 'Republique du Centre' — Orleans)


On the night that Paul Voise's house was burnt, I had been assigned to cover local events. I went on site and wrote the usual spread for this type of minor story. I did'nt even imagine the impact it was going to have. At that stage, the event was still a minor news item. You're amongst the few who have furnished material that we can still refer to seven months later….


At the end of your first article, you wrote: "The investigation team is confident that, sooner or later, it will identify the culprits. Were the attackers with the group of youths who met deputy mayor of Orleans, Florent Montillot, in a local shopping center laundrymat , around midnight —?"


When I arrived on site, I checked to see if the Mayor or one of his representatives was there. I was told that Florent Montillot the deputy in charge of secutity was present. I could'nt confirm this information. I did'nt meet him. Later, when I was leaving, l saw him speaking in a laundrymat with some young people.


(black and white Image)

Florent Montillot Deputy mayor in charge of security Orleans City Council that evening, Florent Montillot, was indeed on site within minutes of the fire being declared.


It goes without saying, if someone calls to report a fire….I act promptly. I drop everything and run.


"During the night, I was walking around and found myself in the Marie Stuart shopping Centre. there were a dozen or so 15-20 year old youths in a laundrymat. Hoping to get some information, my correspondant and I went in to have a chat. You know how they are, often they boast ….they talk ….and a local journalist, who I've never seen or met, a reporter from 'Le Republique du Centre'"....


(reporter’s voice)

So, it seems obvious to you, in such a troubled area, that these young people had something to do with….


The article suggests that track without affirming anything.


The facts and nothing but the facts.

(Montillot’s voice) I was contacted by a French Press correspondant from Tours headquarters….a few hours after publication of Deville’s article.


He had already interviewed me about an operation….concerning security mesures already implemented in Orleans….
He wanted some information. I happily gave him the facts….and nothing but the facts —


The facts and nothing but the facts.
In the France Press Agency article Florent Montillot confirms: "This is a cowardly act commited by loutish trouble makers. The authors of the crime are known to the police and it’s services" This information is relayed to all the french media services.


The Paul Voise Story becomes headline news on L.C.I TV.... It is in then relayed by the entire national press.


(Liliane Purdom, journaliste TF 1 LCI TV)

Purdom is the first television news reporter to cover the story. She is shown here blowing Paul Voise's nose for the camera. She has staged a role playing scene for the camera. Her film makes Paul Voise into a security icon.


Paul Voise, the prince of Argonne.


We were the first reporters on-site. The others followed our example.
We were in a pre-election frame of mind….with a lot of talk on insecurity and after the second article… What happened, happened. Le Pen, eligible candidate for the presidentials with 17% of the vote. We saw Jospin leave….


But as I've always said "I did my job as a news reporter"
What's more, I was extremely touched by that old man.


….I was myself raised by my own grandmother ….


The first time I saw him (Paul Voise) in hospital I was touched, deeply moved. He came out….all swollen and bruised. So, this report was done in a very emotional way.


Perhaps, the report would not have had the same impact if it had been more factual. But, that’s my interpretation.


The Paul Voise Story (LCI) was diffused at 8pm prime time news


(TF 1)

I’m holding his hand. That's a good shot, it shows we're humaine, not just vultures. We did our jobs as reporters.


The day after the screening, everybody was talking about it in the streets, in the cafés.


Everyone had seen Popol on TV! Everyone! The whole of France had seen Popol on TV.


…. he’s an excellent client, a natural in front of a camera…. a great client


(TF1 reportage)

"Look at the state of this 72 yr old man, mugged and bashed by two youths last night...." When Paul 'papi' Voise explained that he had nothing to give his assailants, they bashed him.


I recognise the clip, I saw it on LCI


(Gérard Grisbeck, President of the committee of journalists, France 2 TV)

We always moniter other news broadcasts….so, I saw the report on TF1. In our jargon, you’d call it 'a flop' The next day, Saturday… the day before the second presidential’s…. we included the story in our midday and evening news (1pm. 8pm).


For days, there was permanent debate about it in the newsroom —


because Le Pen was running for president. That gave us reason to view the last few days before the election in another perspective.


We considered it (The Paul Voise Story) as the last important sundry news item before the first round of the elections. ….but we had a lot of this type of material, lots.


(TV2 report)

…."the house is a wreck, nothing was saved." "Paul returns home for the first time since the fire."


"His neighbours are there to welcome him."


"Here, they call him Popol." "He’s known to be a fanciful but generous old man…."

00 :13:24

….objectively speaking the news report says: Fellow citizens,we live in a dangerous country.


(Dominique Delhoume, Editor in Chief, France 3 Centre Region)

It’s Friday….the reflex is "Beware: Danger"....


Beware: Manipulation….


I refused to send the article to press dispite pressure from Paris —


I’m not sure that everyone, Orleans included, clearly understood my message.


On a national level, things got carried away. ….with enormous pressure on local stations like Orleans. and by sheer chance this took place in Orleans…. The problem being the proximity to Paris and not the rumeur, it’s so close to Paris: I’m back and forth every 3-4 days….


(TV 3 Excerpt —. shots)

It's true, on Saturday, we launched a full programme on the suject.


To speak simply, If I were an elected representative of Orleans in charge of a number of strategic questions such as security.

00:14: 30

It's obvious, very obvious that I would intervene I would call everyone I know in the media : reporting and broadcasting relays. I'd get the subject relayed (until the president’s call) I’m convinced that the media's response to the story was preceeded if not accompanied by a similar "mad spiral" in the political system.


Whether the story was 'used' or 'made-up' or 'real' is of little significance.


(Serge Grouard, Mayor of Orleans City, UMP party member)

I know the President of the Republique, personnally, he rang me.
Yes, colleagues from the satirical newspaper 'Le Canard enchainé' wrote about it in an article entitled TVs in "Popol" position": enquiry into the art and manner of exploiting news items. ….I didnt see it at the time


Saturday 20th April 9 p.m. —.the night before the elections Jacques Chirac calls Serge Grouard communicating “his horror before such an unspeakable act“ He demands firmness and heavy sanctions. The next day, the mayor’s office sends the information to local and national press. It is not published.


I was touched by the president's call. Put yourself into the situation at that time….psychologically…. It's just before the elections. Nobody knows what's going to happen….


We are expecting a classical second round between Chirac and Jospin… Frankly, who could have predicted it otherwise !


Everyone questions their allegiance….where do they stand…. Every vote counts. And every vote counts.


That's why questions arise about "The Paul Voise Affair" ….it had a snowball effect.


Do you remember how many votes Jospin needed to run in the second elections? No, I dont have the exact figures. Less than 200,000 votes....


You are implicitly asking if the vote for Mr Jospin was moved to favor the National Front candidate ….



Are there problems in the neighbourhood? Oh, yes. A lot! It's worse and worse. Now, I'm really frightened.


Here, lot's goes on… gun fire….We live under alert, here.


the media's responsibility and the debate on security.


In my terms, its called a tactic of fear.


A tactic of fear in which, we, as journalists, participate. You cannot impose a dominant subject on readers where the only vision is one of fear If we do that, people are.


Faced with fear alone, which means irrationality, which means violence you’re paralysed by fear.


You no longer think or reflect, it’s the beginning of the end — You lose your autonomy....


If people no longer think real barbarity is a possibility.

00 :17:58

(TF1 report)

Former socialist party prime minister, Laurent Fabius’ reaction to election results:


"It’s a total cataclysme" One should'nt uderderestimate the importance of the insecurity theme, nor it's contribution. The extreme right wing “surfed on” the subject. It boosted their score.


…."french men and women, victims of the insecurity in the suburbs, cities, and villages I call on you all to rally together, regardless of your race, religion or social background to take this historical oppoirtunity to redress the situation on a national scale
....As one with you, who has known hunger and poverty, I will always fight for those who suffer"….


Orleans has been prone to rumeurs ever since Joan of Arc first heard inner voices....


"Rumeurs spread when they have plausible content and touch sensitive subjects"—.wrote the sociologist Edgar Morin in 1969


Today, the attack on Paul Voise and it’s consequences have provoked prejudices, fears and fantasies….Rumeurs are used to prove that fears are justified.


The City Council has relodged Paul Voise in a home for the aged in his area. He roams the streets, making frequent visits to the ruins of his house to clean up or feed his cat….


Alexandre Héraud continues the investigation in the neighbourhood: Popol, he was attacked but there's nothing wrong with the fellow. It's got nothing to do with….


What do the rumeurs say ? All sorts of things….not worth while repeating. Nonsense. A lot of it is not true. It would help my report…. I'ts not worth it.


(Reporter's voice)

No concrete evidence has been found in this case,
So, rumeurs are quick to fill in. Are rumeurs your worst enemies?


Our judiciary services have been set back by the amount of false information —


We have been forced to investigate each false lead.


Can you give me some examples…? First of all, a story about real estate speculatation…. Mr Voise’s grounds mesure about 150-200 square meters so the idea of wanting to speculate on this patch makes me laugh.


Then, rumeurs circulated about Mr Voise past….questionning his behavior. They suggested the victim himself may be responsible.


Was he having immoral relationships with boys in the area….? This is all absurd nonsense.

00 :21:18

So, Popol, you've never seen yourself on TV. No, never but a lot of people have seen you. Some have said….intolerant things. Some people twist the truth. there’s always a bit of jealousy…. Well, I'm no saint I'd be dead if I was. That's better, if you film from there you wont see my wrinkles!


Other rumeurs prone some politically organised plan to perpetuate new security incidents….probably instigated by some small extreme right wing group of paramilitary fanatics using army surplus jerrycans and so on….Well


All that, just to favor the extreme right wing party and boost the chances of the National Front candidate


These rumors are based on so many irrational hypothesis…. So many outragous stories, If that were the case, the Paul Voise fire would never have worked.


— because I must insist on one fact ….In France, houses and cars are burnt every night but they dont get into the headlines To get into the headlines, you need a combination of circonstances….tincluding he collaboration of the press.


(Edwy Plenel, Publishing director of daily newspaper 'Le Monde' — in these years)


Of course there were other fires, other minor incidents that fill local papers…. So, why did this particular event leap into the press? Why, at that particular moment? and why was it presented in such a dramatic way?


Florent Montillot, Orleans deputy mayor in charge of security says the situation is crystal clear —


I dont think so. when something starts going wrong, it doesn't usually get better.


that's what's happening it's a puzzle: incomplete, full of missing pieces, things lined-up one after the other —


full of words….but words are'nt facts, they make up stories!


— and, as in major crime cases, these gaps get immediatly filled by other stories. Thats how rumeurs work.


Paul Voise lost his father at 5, built a home for his disable mother..On Thursday evening, 50 years of devoted attention went up in flammes. All I've got leftnow is my neighbours goodwill.


(Ridha Khaldi, local figure and active residental chemist),

The day after the attack, he called a meeting to form a non-profitmaking fund raising organisation to help and relodge Popol: S.O.S. Paul Voise. As association president, he took advantage of media coverage to collect funds for Paul.


During the meeting, he was approached by young residents who "told me the troublemakers were not local residents".


But....further questionning was useless. Here, silence is a rule….denunciation is a serious offence in this area.


Paul, despite some incoherences, has said everything.
Dispite journalist’s reports that accuse young black people or young northern africans, Paul maintains he was attacked by two white youths. Hisversion has never changed.


Could you call the Old Age home to remind Paul we have an appointement? I already have and he was astonished….at his age he forgets things….He said he would be there to welcome you.


Which TV am I on: TV 3, TV 2, TV 1? Who do you represent? When were you born? I was born in 1930.


Where were you born? In Orleans.


In which street? 12 Chapelerie Street?? Do you ever pray? Yes, every day.




And I go to St. Paul, my church. ….the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Miracles, that’s my church.


Are you interested in politics ? No. Not in the least…? On the contrary, we are all in for the worst.


Everyone knows you here ! A reporter baptised me "the Prince of Argonne" I did all that was possible to help — Let’s talk about why we came here to see you the T.V. news broadcasts…. On the 19th April, just before the presedential elections, someone made the headlines in the evening news,….and that “someone” was You. Paul Voise.


….the 19th April…? Someone told me about it but I didn’t see it myself. So, what happened?


I cant remember. I never did have a good memory as a kid.


Of course, you remember something because they destroyed your house!


Wait a minute….it was burnt because I didn’t have any money and as you know, the young boys, that’s what they asked me for….I refused. I don’t recall any more.


That’s what the police report…. but Popol’s forgotten everything…. Well, yes, and that doesn’t make it easy for the enquiry. 00:28:19 Yes, they were white….if they had been black, I would remember.


I know my home so well, I escaped out the back. I cant remember what happened next but someone told me it had burnt.


You dont want to talk about it, do you? I’d offered it to my mother. She was so happy.


Do you listen to the radio? Yes, Ive got a small radio. Someone offered it to me.


It’s behind you. It works! Did someone give it to you or did you find it?

It doesn’t walk, it works! I can listen to the news or a bit of musique instead of watching TV.


Don’t film my teeth, I might damage the camera, Look, there’s not a single tooth left in my mouth.


Popol was emblematic to the neighbourhood. People remember his huge signs "peace to people of good will" He was nice. His door was always wide open for us to do some handywork activities. He invited us in to eat pancakes. Homemade, he made them himself. He was a good person.


….so, you’re one of those whose vote expressed their "discontentment". It had to be said…. Yes, I'd had enough, that's all. and the attack on Popol, did it sway your decision? Yes, of course it did. It was a major factor.


On the night of the crime, an eye-witness saw four individuals leave the site in a dark Renault monospace.
This crucial evidence, given by a neighbour, was not taken into account by the police during their local investigation


One of the adjoining houses was blackmailed, their dog went missing. Unfortunately, what happened that night was, in fact, the end result of a a long line of events.
….A reconnoitre was necessary before any attempt could be made to enter Mr Voise’s home.


Imagine ! It’s even said that I put fire to my own house! If I got my hands on them, I could be very vulgar.


8 months later 22nd December 2002 Thanks to the City Council, work has begun on the construction Popol’s new house. Local investigation continues in Argonne.


Nathalie de Suza, Paul Voise's next-door neighbour, has already played open house to the media. Today, she is enquiring about the state of the wall between their properties.

"By 11p.m., the flames were six metres high. Heat cracked the adjoining walls. Fire fighters were forced to evacuate neighbours to ensure their security."


Will the boss let you speak? — There's no news…. Well, he knows about it.


We met a month ago Look! They’re removing traces of the fire.


Thank you! I’m known around here! I don’t know them but they sure know me! Yes, you're not only known around here. Yes, I know.


Dispite Montillot’s optimism, police investigations are at a near standstill. Judiciary police have disclosed nothing to the press. The enquiry is making no headway and yet, Orleans is often named the "test-laboratory for security mesures".


(Serge Grouard, Mayor of Orleans — UMP)

I’m not sure to grasp the notion of security
I prefer the tonality of the word "tranquility". ….and yet these decrees on seOrleans….the Gruard decrees introduce restrictions on the free circulation of under-age minors, on prostitution and on bivoacing and illegal campsites. Apparently, you want to introduce further mesures. I’ve been told about a city survey on "victimisation". It’s a new innovation, an in depth study


We sent out a questionnaire to more than 1000 homes we told the organisation running the survey to get an in-depth study on the notion of insecurity.


For example: what are the feelings of insecurity by district, by block, by age, social standing….


Obtain an accurate as possible mesure of insecurity —


without having to depend on national surveys, which, despite their merits do not reflect the true situation….


how often have you heard: "I did'nt file a complaint as nothing is ever done about it"


The security mesures against prostitution, begging, bivouacing, fighting dogs, alcohol abuse, compulsory curfew for minors under 13 yr…?? Day and night correspondances adopted by Serge Gruard and Florent Montillot and upheld by the Orleans City Council decrees, have transformed the city into what is now known as "Orleanopolis".


(Jean-Pierre Sueur, former Mayor of Orleans, member of Parliament for the Loiret District, Socialist Party member)

I worked to make Orleans a city known for it's cultural, economic and scientific development, for it's innovative and modern transport system, it's environmental development…."Orleans, the environmental capital".


These are all very positive images.


For the moment, he has only managed to get Orleans in the press by using showy publicity for his security mesures.


One must be aware of what constitutes a city's image. It takes time to stimulate a modern, developped and dynamique image of a city but very little time is needed to question and replace it by another.


(Hélène Mouchard-Zay, member of opposition party — Orleans City Council)

There's a never-ending amalgame of things that have nothing to do with each other: they should not be analysed together.


— for instance, one should’nt put urban violence and wide scale organised crime in the same category as "impolite behavior" — They're three distinctive forms of juvenile delinquency….


These factors are continually amalgamated in the mayor's and his deputy's political discourse.


Also, let's look at their use of vocabulary: things are presented in a very specific manner….


ex: They don't talk about "video surveillance" but "video protection". It’s not the same thing!


They make semantic "slips of the tongue" —
ex: they pass from speaking about juveniles in difficulty to difficult juveniles….that is: those who create problems!


It's alarming to hear Mr Montillot's use of metaphore…. ex: In the early period of his mandate, he spoke of his security mesures in terms of "tri therapy". Can you see the parallel he’s making!


(Florent Montillot)

After strong criticism, Florent Montillot abandoned the use of "tri-therapy" He resolved himself to listing the three axes of his security policy.


We worked on an operation of prevention, dissuasion and , if necessary, repression.


It's one of the major reasons for our victory in 2001.


It was also a sanction to the out-going council, probably because the Orleans people considered them inefficient in that domaine.


Secutity, it became the major preoccupation of the nation, far in front of employment.


That's exact! We knew, from 2001or before…. At the end of 2000, when we proposed our contract, we knew, we anticipated….that it had become a major preoccupation for the french population and particulaly for Orleans.


(Hélène Mouchard-Zay)

The third stage is to "sell" the security policy ….and I am choosing my words carefully because the deputy in charge of these matters often acts as if he were a salesman ….


….a streetmonger selling his wares in public meetings


Fear is a thriving market, both on a concrete and politically level.


(Florent Montillot)

Naturally, as any self-respecting elected representative…. In March 2001, without a moment of hesitation, we swung into action —


implementing our preventative, dissuasive and repressive mesures —


in order to put an end to the explosive situation and to quickly curb the phenomenon.


(voice over)

(Florent Montillot) Major student officer in the reserve troops Commander in the Air force Deputy Mayor Of Orleans in charge of security is also director of the Pole security of Ernst and Young, a large parisien auditing company, who state: "Today, legislation confers real powers on mayors, allowing them to respond to the real needs of territorial collectivities concerning urban security.


As soon as they took over the town-hall, the Gruard-Montillot team unfurled their security operations.


By April 2002, It’s the eve of the presidential elections and also the moment when Paul Voise was attacked. Montillot’s security arsenal is operational. He declares his optimism in identifying and arresting the culprits.


A few months after the elections, the Ministry of InternalAffairs is rebaptised "Ministry of Internal Affairs, Internal security and local liberties."


The security operation in Orleans is reinforced. Dispite the insallation of video surveillance cameras to keep watch on the population, there is no advance in the Paul Voise affair.


On 24th January 2003, Florent Montillet, satisfied by his methods, his municipal police and material, organises a visit to the video control station.


I'm free if you gentlemen wish to enter.


You've used a code. I don't suppose you'd give me a key! No, its like a good chef’s recipe….


—.according to the law 95 73, the famous Lobbs law, instored 21st January 1995 concerning protection and security which we defended during a video surveillance commission, upheld by the magistracy ….we had to assure its adhesion to the penal code....


— which according to the law, permitted to stock the images for a certain lapse of time.


— how much does it cost? — Simply speaking, the expenditure for 2002 on this activity for Orleans City : one million with already 1.5 to 2 million spent for 2003 and about the same amount for 2004....


....At the beginning of our mandate, we evaluated the global budget for this exercice at approx. 10 million de francs, that is 2 million Euros.


On the other hand, what's important is the result of the questionnaire on victimisation that I mentioned before….the Orleanese were asked to express their feelings about insecurity.


They were also asked if they agreed with the mesures and installations already in service in Orleans in regard to protection, dissuasion and repression policy.


Dispite political cleavages, the majority of the population has given a quasi-unanimous positive response.


Every human being has the right to be protected, a right to their physical and material integrity. That which allows to protect and preserve human integrity….


as recognised by the 1789 Declaration of Human Rights, is lawfully useful to a civilised society.


If I told you we were in Bourgogne Street at 4p.m.-4.30p.m. , just under a street lamp where there’s a camera….Can you find it in the records?


You specified the place….so, I will go there…. with camera number 6….I’m using your terminology!


On the video records, the camera crew is seen preparing an interview.


The day before, the 23rd January at precisely 4.32p.m., we had interviewed Jean-Pierre Perrin, member of the municipal opposition, under the video surveillance camera.


(Jean-Pierre Perrin, member of the municipal opposition)

I know the Argonne area well….it’s future is worrying It’s true that the younger generation in that neighbourhood don’t have a very promising future but to call the place "terrible", is not at all true.


What happened to Paul Voise just doesn't ressemble the silly antics of youths in that area. Fear….a climate of insecurity….can be cultivated and capitalised on. That's dangerous !


we should be careful. Of course, there's minor acts of delinquency….that have declined in the C.B.D., a bit, since the security mesures came in…. but that's not estonishing, given the quantity of mesures!


It's also a fact that they’ve moved into the outskirts….


These mesures certainly don't go to the depths of the problem. the relay between Montillot with his friend ???Boerd and the Manhatten Institute It’s a way of thinking, an ideology with its thinking boxes, broken windows and 0 tolerance levels. Its very well organised.


Paul Voise, Popol, Ive been convinced from the beginning….it couldn't be someone from the area. That’s clear, neat and precise!


He's the only person who stopped and said "hello" to us. Also,TF 1 showed a lot of programmes on violence…. So, put yourself in the shoes of someone from the country who doesn't know north africans or blacks….they'll imediately believe the TV….it's the north africans and blacks who destroy everything!


— during the presidential elections, I'm sorry that so many documentaries on violence were screened….documentaries on violence are like X rated movies, once you’ve seen one you've seen them all!


And personally, I am unable to believe the Popol Story.


March 2003 According to lawyers and police sources: "the enquiry is following it's course."


Meanwhile the construction of Popol's new home is advancing quickly, thanks to country-wide and international donations, help from the town council, local voluntary workers and apprentices from the building Training Centre.


To everyone's surprise, the Prosecutor of the Republique annonces a press conference.

(Stéphan Autin, Prosecutor of the Republique)

To everyone's surprise, the general prosecutor announces a press conference.


The judge of freedom and detention and the Public Ministry have esteemed, in reason of contradictory declarations and of the particularly fragile evidence collected in the context of this enquiry, that, for the moment, the said person would be put under examination without being held in custody.


(Jean-Manuel Bertrand, reporter journalist, France 3 Region Centre)

The sources of information: the Prosecutor, the examining magistrate, and the police responsible for the enquiry hadn't let out any information a month ago.


and all of a sudden….last friday, we learnt that the judicial police had brought some people in for questioning —


including a young 26yr old man, who was examined for the Paul Voise affair.


I can’t help thinking….it's as though he was pulled out of a top hat ….he’s an almost ideal culprit. This young man shows quite a few signs of mental handicap.


In the Paul Voise affair, if this case is followed through to the end, the young man will be declared non-accountable and that will be the end of the affair.


Heavy pressure on investigators may have generated the need to examine a suspect who was denounced by a mysterious source.


The suspect's name is known and one of his relatives tempts an explanation….


(Aziz Aberkham)

Aziz, How could you speak about Fatimi to help us understand him? He had an accident, about four or five years ago, opposite the Poste Office…he had dropped a coin and he was picking it up when a car knocked him over.


Everything's not straight in his head ….he doesn't listen to his parents, Sometimes we find him at home crying by himself….but he does'nt know why….


He cant sleep alone! 22 yrs old and he can’t sleep alone. What's more, he says: "when I meet Paul Voise the street, he says hello to me and he shakes my hand….


but the police say Paul Voise recognised your photo…."


If Paul Voise had recognised my little brother as culprit he wouldn’t shake his hand in public!


The police questionned him all night, from thursday to friday, all night till one o"clock…. In the end, he was alone in the office with an inspector who brought in a bottle of whiskey. They drank together…. so my brother would "say" he had done it.


Are you sure of that? That's what my younger brother told me.


The police noted that your nephew attempted suicide during his detention. If I were innocent….I’d do the same thing. For a scandal like that, I’d prefer to die than spend 15 years in prison for nothing, because of a telephone call.


That's what was going on in his head!


(Renauld Domenici, free lance judiciary writer)

Fatimi is not unknown to the court. He was acquited in a wealing dealing affair. Apparently, he did’nt commit the act.


Because he's progressed in his judgement. This is no scoop but Fatimi does not accept any of the charges. He has'nt admitted anything.


Today, currently, at this moment, Fatimi says …."I've got nothing against him…. Of course, I know Paul Voise, I’ve met him. I often go to his place." Incidently, he says, "Paul Voise has never had any incorrect behavoir towards me" So you see, the relationship between Paul Voise and Fatimi is almost friendly. Today, Fatimi acknowledges nothing of the accusation.


So, we're left to probe into local affairs, to follow the more or less unsavoury events of the old man's past life which presents him in another light.


I don't know if we can talk about it…. We can….because Paul Voise admitted to me that about 30 yrs ago, as he was questionned and detained by the authorities for having commited, what was known then as "indecent" acts.


He opened up and admitted it On that subject, Paul Voise is a man who has a disturbing past.


Faced with the court’s incapacity to solve the affair, everyone improvises their own quest for truth, leaving space for personal interpretations of memories and facts as stipulated by the services of justice. Rumor grows to such a point that confusion reigns.


In expectation of a hypothetical confrontation between Fatimi and Paul Voise, the two men continue to cross paths in their neighbourhood.


The offices of justice reveal their incapacity to encounter the two men together on their premises.


Months go by, the year 2003 ends….No new elements have been added to the file.


Only the construction of Popol’s new home nears completion.


The affair moves towards a conclusion, based on general opinion. The consensus is far from established truths.


On the 27th may 2004, two years after the events: (the mugging of Paul Voise, the house fire expoited by the media, Jacques Chirac’s election, the use of insecurity as an election issue….) All the different parties concerned in the affair meet to inaugurate Popol’s new home. Popol, prince of Argonne general title of headline news —?


They're closing the street.


Rumeur is at a climax, the need for truth fades.


Many of the people who take position in this affair are directed by their personal interests.


(Lilian Purdom journaliste Reporter TF 1, LCI)

says she is still doing her job as a reporter. This house-warming party gives her a happy ending for her report.


(Florent Montillot)

I'm still waiting to find or bring to justice….rather….things have been found, they just have to be proved. Florent Montillot is still desperately holding on to the local hypothesis and continues to legitimise his security operations.


Things are'nt simple….perhaps due to the fact that our friend Paul Voise has a few memory problems.


(Renaud Dominici, free-lance judiciary writer)

This is exactly as Clostermann wrote?? It’s a circus, a big circus with its little cats and little rabbits, its little birds, all burnt to death and today the "Juggler" returns —


with the "Fools"....and I don't know....perhaps we'll write a fairytale. Paul Voise has arrived. Shall we wait?


Renaud Dominici is caught up by the hasty conclusion of his chronical.


(Nathalie De Souza, Popol's next-door neighbour)

— cashes in on her version of events and takes advantage of press couvrage to complain about her adjoining wall.


"When you play around with children, you'd be better off hiding yourself." …."and its you who recieves the honors ! What a beautiful country ! Long live France!"


I found out he was a paedophil, it's horrifying. Mr Dominici told me. It’s true, isn't it, Mr Dominici, you came to my home….It’s true, isn't it?


So, protection is given to people like that who have never worked in their lives, he's given a superb house, grand honours and perhaps even a medal….


What's the problem….what have you got against him? What's at the bottom of all this? it's the wall….no one wants to deal with it. There are four sollicitors but you’re assured! Yes, of course, but he isn't.


(Serge Grouard, Mayor of Orleans, UMP right wing party)

Serge Gruard, always looking for "tranquility", makes contact to promote the city council.


Ladies and gentlemen, today is a grand day….for our association —

(Ridha Khaldi, local chemist, President of the npm organisation: SOS Paul Voise)

Moreover, it is a grand day of fraternity. Now, I'll pass the microphone to our hero, Paul Voise.


Paul Voise is about to enter the most beautiful house in his lifetime and cries, once more, in front of the cameras.


Here are the keys. Thank you for everything! Now, we can enter….


At this stage, the story is in absolute confusion. The Paul Voise Affair is no more than a puppet theatre where good intentions, abuse and manipulation mix shamelessly. A theatre that leaves a bitter taste.


Thank you to evryone who participated….whatever their opinion…. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You’re o.k. It’s over Right! Come and stand here, like that! you’re making me pose!


On the 18th Febuary 2005, the examining magistrate of the high court of Orleans dismissed the case Paul Voise.


For health reasons, Paul Voise was to reside no more than one month in his new house before returning to the home for the aged.


Insecurity remains a major theme in electoral campaigns.

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