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20 january / 20 february 2001 

Dedicated to Katja Cavagnac

questioning the network, link, place, time )

      by Aliette Guibert-Certhoux
      translated by Isabelle Cordonnier

I. The Indonesian hypothesis

     In the last century of the second Christian millennium Stella and Tonie appeared on the humans' planet for the first time in Indonesia near the Equator. It was on a small volcanic island between Sumatra and the Moluccas, a country where muscade nut comes on the trees. Babies with a skin as white as snow, they came out of a sulphuric slit in the ground, as the earth started to shake under a downpouring rain. Thunder was echoing with such strength that nobody in the dense forest could hear if they happened to cry. So that nobody could know whether they were born in fear. A fortiori the Za island was uninhabited. After that the skies and the earth quietened down, the torrential water ceased running down the steeps and the birds with wonderful colours, usually settled in the place, started again shouting under the deep thickness of palms.

The nomadic indigenes of the neighbouring archipelago were in the habit of travelling over there when the weather was calm to renew their hunting and picking. They never stayed there more than a few nights because they were afraid of the activity of the volcano. Two days after the strange birth the cries of the hungry new-born that frightened the outcrying fauna under the vegetal vaults were identified by the members of the tribe. All the species of game threatened by the coming of the warriors having shut down they revealed the wailing of the little girls without any possible misunderstanding.

The little ones bore no resemblance whatsoever with their providential rescuers, except to be considered as albinos. But the people loved whatever the earth gave them. Having picked the little girls the hunters started succinctly feeding them, giving them to suck a rolled blowtube-like leave in which they leaked milk from a plant. Then they navigated in the cradled dark arms of each of two men among those who brought them back in a pirogue until the community of women; they on the beach were waiting for the prodigal return of their husbands according to the custom.

From now on the benevolence of male arms which had lulled the little girls in the sea movement disappeared. Contrary to what could have been thought the women's caresses were less sweet, so the frustration of this first separation for their needy senses immediately structured the volunteer side of their future on earth, in search of a carnal rediscovery as comforting as their encounter with humankind, on Za In the meantime : less tender than the men — one got it — the women of the clan examined this disorder under another light.

The fact that the girls came from another planet escaped nobody, the observation revealed that one of them had dark eyes in spite of her pale skin, which invalidated the hypothesis of the albinos, when on the other side it was notorious among the tribe that no white ever dared to come to Za island. To start with the women refused to give in maternal milking. At least they accepted to resort to plants in turn, while proclaiming the proceed was not adapted to a prolonged administration. From then on several problems occurred, among which the most economic was determining.

This people wandering between Indonesia and Oceania did not leave anything behind them. But a death occurred and the bodies of the living were the burial places of the dead of which they ate the ashes, to carry them with them. Here lied a cosmogonic line as discreet and humble as efficient and incontestable.

As respectable the babies fallen from some NIFO or pushed out of the earth by the gods were, the older eventually decreed they couldn't consider them as theirs ; consequently they couldn't be eaten once they had died. It was deemed impossible to adopt the little girls, without an acceptable traditional tomb. The women managed to have them so excluded before the following migration of the tribe : a courteous clan took leave of the twin under a good destiny rite, during which the initiated dedicated them a most positive speech. According to him the dead end of their first encounter on earth which rejected them inaugurated at best their future because other neighbouring exophage cannibals could have eaten them live just after their birth.

This endophage tribe knew the spice trade that a few white familiar with their migration along the waters since the time of Batavia knew how to trade to resell them. With the perspective of a possible adoption within the frame of a parenthood more in line with their views the older had the little ones carried along this way, this time on women's backs in filets they hung from their foreheads. Then they were entrusted to the care of a captain of an American ship sailing for Java, because a wet nurse travelling with a Dutch family was on board.

On his arrival in Jakarta the captain got rid of his precious burden to the harbour administrator. The latter suggested to his wife, who trusted him, to adopt the blonde nobody knew how she was called ; she'd join their elder, two daughters and one son and would be now called Stella, because of the blue glint in her dark eyes. The little redhead with turquoise blue eyes also had a surname that dated back from the other galaxy, ignored by everybody; the foster family, with which they had unboarded, was already enthralled and gave her the name of Tonie. Two boys and a little girl preceded her. The two extraterritorial had just found their true families on earth.

So started the restless and love stories ( lovin' episode to come under Philippe Gully's hand at the site Praktica's — as soon as the developer comes back ) of Stella and Tonie.

      And so was their destiny on earth three times reincarnated :

To tell the truth the first cycle of Stella earthly life is not completed yet. She was brought up near the Indonesian shadow and puppet theatre and was initiated to sacred dance in which she found the sensitivity of her former life, then she integrated modern dance in Holland where her family, surviving only in part the camps of the Japanese occupation, had returned. Stella started her career as dance virtuoso in Hollywood, and became one of the greatest choreographers on the world scene. Her creation of the ballet 'The Flying Dutchman' made her famous. Today she is living in Bali on a territory created at her request according to the geomancy laws, exactly in the axis of the space station Mir, whose news she regularly catches. We all know the fate of Mir has been decided, so Stella knows she has only little time left to live, at least in this way.

Why the station Mir ? It is a way for Stella to keep symbolic links with her first life and her darling Tonie.

Because : the strange aeronautic disappearing of Tonie Carter, alias Amelia Earhardt, the first woman who tried to fly around the world above the Equator, happened in the time zone of the Marshall Islands in 1941. It is thought that under the cover of the experience that was announced by the headlines around the world, Tonie had been contacted by the American armed forces' secret services to make a reconnaissance flight over a neighbouring archipelago already occupied by the Japanese armed forces in preparation for the next conflict and was shot by the anti-aircraft defence. But the mystery remained unsolved, no track was ever found.

Was she made prisoner ? Anyway she couldn't have been an object of negotiation, since no incident could have been acknowledged by the Americans who were fearing the outburst of the conflict ? Sacrificed ?

On the other side we know Tonie's attraction for the high altitude vertigo during her most famous flights, for example during the flight across the American continent at its widest, approximately above the 42nd parallel; overcoming all the prescribed limits to fly over a typhoon she fainted as she got vertigo and disappeared from any technical perception, reappearing unhurt from the sky just before landing...

Some detected her recurring reappearing between the Equator and the Tropiques: quite recently the first female pilot in the yearly Formule 1 Grand Prix in Malaysia, a young German woman, briefly fainted, when her car rolled over after an obstacle and finally could pull up her car and cut the arrival line...

But it is probably Florence Arthaud who best reincarnated Tonie, some ten years ago, during the race 'The Rum Road' ; after a hemorragia she lost conscience in the midst of a storm, during which Stella who enjoyed this adventure accompanied her in her dreams to bring her to the tradewinds. When she woke up she found the good winds on the right way but no radio nor automatic pilot, so she pointed at the sun as in the good old days of modern navigation and sat down at the till : she arrived first.

    There is a last triptych question (as Mehdi Belhaj Kacem's pieces periods) : 

- About Olivier Riquet's favorite conceptual American artist, Douglas Huebler, would someone know his weird virtual liaison, although probably real, with one or the other of the twins' reappearing ? 

- In every case, which sort of fact could exist : abstract or concrete ?

- What are the links with www.criticalsecret.com n°4 performances, as your's ?

( To be followed )

     tr. I.C.